Visual food solutions

Additives for the refinement of your products

Pacovis AG puts together ready-to-use additive/spice combinations for your customers.

For the production of broiling sausages, for example, you need high quality additives and technological food know-how in addition to perfect, quality-controlled raw materials.

Are the additives safe?!

A clear yes or no is not possible in all cases.

Around 320 food additives are currently approved, and some of these have effects that could cause problems for people with certain metabolic complications or illnesses.

Food additives have only been around since we began to produce food for our daily use on an industrial scale. Additives were also used before that, but in their original form (for example, lemon juice, which contains citric acid, was used for acidification. The taste cannot be separated).

Food additives are generally well-defined chemical substances that have been isolated and purified. Additives are intentionally added to food and only food additives may be used that have been approved according to the food additives law. This means that their harmlessness has been proved by strict toxicological investigations.


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