On 1 May 2013 Pacovis acquired its long-standing sales partner for packaging products, MaWe-Pack. In future, the business activities will continue to operate under the auspices of Pacovis Deutschland GmbH.

The company MaWe-Pack, based in the German town of Dettingen, has in recent years built up a strong market position in Germany as a comprehensive supplier of environmentally-friendly food packaging solutions.

The German business has enjoyed a long-standing cooperation with the Swiss trading group Pacovis AG. On 1 May 2013 this culminated in the pooling of the activities of both companies in the food packaging unit of Pacovis Deutschland GmbH.

This merger lays the foundations for a forward-looking and growth-oriented market strategy in Germany.


Extensive product range with customer-specific solutions

The primary focus is on innovative products for caterers along with ingenious solutions for the packaging and logistics fields in the food sector.

The product lines Woodline and naturesse® offer ecological packaging made of renewable raw materials such as sugarcane fibres or palm leaves. Designline stands for a high-quality and design-oriented product range for exclusive catering.

Further information about the packaging products of Pacovis Deutschland GmbH is available here.

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