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Pacovis Amrein – Responsible for milk and cheese

Technological know-how and innovative products as the basis for customer and market-oriented solutions. What made Pacovis AG so well known at the time to the dairy and cheese-making specialist has been carried on since 1999 by Pacovis Amrein AG. This overview shows you where the focus lies today.

  • Rennet: calf's gut rennin (liquid or in powder form, also for Bio Suisse products) and microbial rennet at interesting prices
  • Supplementary and ancillary materials: aromas, extracts, yoghurt bases, cultures, enzymes, cheese surface treatments
  • Inhibitor tests: Delvotest antibiotics confirmation and quick tests, that provide gapless controls
  • Cheese and milk packaging: a wide range of proven standard packs, individually designed special packages, such as cheese labels, cheese and butter wrapping, milk and yoghurt packages, etc.
  • Cheese stamps (cheese passports): guarantees brand/logo protection and traceability

More information can be found on Pacovis Amrein AG Website.

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